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Pioneers of Green Architecture
  The protection of the ecological environment gave rise to the "ecological architecture" and "green architecture" in the field of construction, encouraging a new development of human civilization.
  The Paektusan Institute of Architecture is working hard to introduce the green architecture in keeping with the demand of the developing times.

  Section Chief Jang Su Jin says:
  "It can be said that our section is playing an important role in developing and leading the green architecture of the country. We are putting efforts into creating valuable designs conducive to the architectural development of the country."

  Every structure in Samjiyon City built into a model and standard of mountainous cultured towns is associated with the speculation and passion of the designers at the institute.
  They devoted all their energies to every spot and line of their designs with the pride of creating structures intensively showing modern civilization at the foot of Mt. Paektu dear to the hearts of the Korean people.
  They left the capital city of Pyongyang and worked day and night on the spot to produce blueprints of the structures in good harmony with the natural scenery of the Paektu forest and corresponding to the characteristics of the mountainous region.
  In those days, they completed more than 10 valuable designs of dwelling houses which increased the heat insulating ability of the outer wall by use of pumice sand abundant in Samjiyon and introduced the advanced non-power local sewage treatment technology.

  Not only Songhwa and Hwasong Streets which have been wonderfully built in the capital city of Pyongyang but also the local industry factories in Kimhwa County are associated with their devoted efforts to introduce the green architecture.
  This year designers of the institute created the architectural plan of high-rise and skyscraping apartment houses "Changgong (Blue Sky)", which was highly estimated as a good plan designed to meet the aesthetic demand of the Korean people at the 20th May 21 Architectural Festival.

  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea will change more beautifully thanks to such reliable architects who are devoting all their wisdom and passion to the architectural development of the country.