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To Raise One's Immunity
  Whenever the season changes, some people catch a cold, cough and have a runny nose, because they have low function of immunity in their bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to do some exercises frequently for enhancing the function of immunity and to take foods for it on a regular basis.
  - Take foods rich in protein. Protein is a material foundation for defending immunity in the organic body. In order to raise one's immunity it is good to take foods containing protein--meat, egg, milk, fish, prawn and bean.
  - It is good to take animal's liver a lot. Animal's liver contains a lot of substances promoting immunity.
  - Take foods with vitamins. Carrot, tomato and strawberry have a great amount of Vitamin C.
  - Tea leaves contain matter strengthening the general immunity of man. Therefore, drinking tea frequently makes it possible to raise the human body's resistance to diseases and resist all pathogens by mobilizing immunocytes of the human body.
  - Drink water a lot. A small amount of water in the body lowers the resistance to diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water a lot so as to add water in the cell of a body and improve metabolism.