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Patriotic Desire to Take Care of the Green Woods
  Many people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are devoting all their sincerity to the forest creation and conservancy with a patriotic desire to build up the country beautifully into a socialist paradise covered with green woods and full of all sorts of flowers. Among them is Han Sun Hye, Head of the Afforestation Sub-Workteam of the Sondok Fruit Farm in Jongphyong County of South Hamgyong Province.
  She is a meritorious person of socialist patriotism and has planted and grown more than 900,000 trees for 28 years together with her sub-workteam members.

  Now she is 58 years old. Seeing her plant trees, however, people feel as if she is in her 20s.
  28 years ago, she was living with her husband, four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter in the town of Jongphyong County. Here is a story telling about how she left her home and chose the job of planting and growing trees in mountains.
  In the mid-1990s the country had a hard time and trees on mountains were gradually disappearing day by day. Looking at it painfully, her mother said: It takes tens of years for a tree to grow tall, but a moment to cut it. Those who plant trees should be more than those who cut trees.
  Listening to her, Han Sun Hye thought of the mountains of her home village and the country first before her family and made such a difficult decision.
  It was her firm determination to make green the forest like a piece of the country lest she should feel shy in front of her children and the rising generations even in the distant future. She left her children to her mother's care and started the job of planting and cultivating trees in uninhabited mountains.
  Whenever she was tired with climbing up and down steep mountain ranges and cultivating saplings, she would brace up her strength and courage, thinking of the decision she made before leaving home.
  Like this, she has taken care of the wounded mountains in Jongphyong County of her own accord for 28 years. She built tree nurseries everywhere she went, produced a lot of saplings together with members of her sub-workteam and sent them to a number of units in the county every year.
  She devoted her all to making the country greener. Today, her son and daughter-in-law have joined her to take care of the forest.

  Like this, green woods of the country are formed thanks to the conscientious and simple people devoting their all to taking care of the assets of the country and thanks to the faithful sons and daughters who do toilsome jobs of their own accord to relieve the country of its trouble rather than seek the comfort of theirs and their families.