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Answer: National Emblem of the DPRK


  We will let you know what every element of the national emblem of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea stands for.


  This represents Mt. Paektu of Korea.
  Through the mountain, the national emblem symbolically shows that the DPRK inherits the revolutionary tradition of the Paektu provided during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.


  The red five-point star reflects the invariable will of the Korean people to vigorously advance for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche which started in the Paektu, under the guidance of the great leader and the great Workers' Party of Korea.


  The red ribbon shows the will of the Korean people to carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche to completion in firm unity around the Party forever as they liberated the country and founded the Party and the state holding the great leader Kim Il Sung at the centre of unity.
  The "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" written on the red ribbon represents the character and mission of the Republic which fully ensures democracy in the state building and activities so that the popular masses can participate in the state affairs as the genuine masters of the state power, strengthens the people's democratic dictatorship to enforce strict dictatorship over the class enemy and provides the workers, farmers and other working people with genuine political freedom and rights and a happy material and cultural life.



  The hydraulic power station in the centre of the national emblem symbolizes the independent and modern industry based on the powerful heavy industry and the ears of rice the bright prospect of agriculture of the country.
  The national emblem of the DPRK increases the pride and honour of the Korean people living and struggling in the dignified socialist country of Juche.