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Large Jade Work "Yuding"

  The large jade work "Yuding" was presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as gift by Duan Zhengli, Chairman of the Board of the Yunnan Zangbao Mining Industry Group Company Ltd. of China, on January 8, Juche 108(2019).
  The work had been made of six-ton-heavy gem stone from Henan Province for eight months.
  The gem stone is said to be characterized by hard quality, purity and radiation seen even at night.
  From olden times, Yuding was regarded as a symbol of power in China.
  The work is 161 centimetres high including the pedestal and 1,100 kilograms heavy in total.
  Seen by the gift are a poem in praise of Kim Jong Un and a description of the work which were written in Chinese.