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Skilful Print Creator
  There is a talented artist who created wonderful prints at the Mansudae Art Studio.
  He is Ri Chang Ho, Section Chief of the Print Production Unit.

  He was born in Ryanggang Province and learned drawing at an art school in Hyesan City.
  With outstanding sense of things and phenomena and unusual skill in representing them, he soon drew attention of teachers as a promising reserve artist.
  After military service, he entered the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts and developed his talents while majoring in graphic arts.
  He started his career as an artist at the Mansudae Art Studio and created excellent prints to surprise other creators.
  Prints "In Defence of People's Happiness", "Night as Bright as Day in Samjiyon City" and "New Looks of Sobaeksan-ri" and many other works he created were registered as national possessions and won prizes at national fine art exhibitions.

Print "In Defence of People's Happiness"

Print "Night as Bright as Day in Samjiyon City"

Print "New Looks of Sobaeksan-ri"

  Print has an advantage of quick dissemination as the original picture engraved on a block can be printed a lot in any place at any time. And the picture of the print is strong in persuasive effect and visual impression for its condensed formative representation.
  Ri Chang Ho would draw the whole pictures neatly and tidily to show his intention clearly.
  Whoever saw his works expresses admiration, saying that he preserved well the characteristics of the print based on the style of Korean painting.
  Ri Chang Ho showed his talents well in the creation of not only prints, but also waters, posters and other fine art works.

  This year alone, he created a number of wonderful posters conducive to inspiring the masses to the implementation of the decisions of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  The posters "Let's Fully Satisfy the Demand of the National Economy For Transport!" and "Let's Produce More Iron and Steel!" make an active contribution to encouraging the Korean people to perform fresh miracles and feats.

  Ri Chang Ho in the heyday of creation is firmly resolved to produce new masterpieces.
  Here is Ri Chang Ho, Section Chief of the Print Production Unit of the Mansudae Art Studio.
  "I will create a larger number of significant fine art works including poster and print, thus making an active contribution to giving strength and courage to the Korean people and powerfully inspiring them to the building of a powerful socialist country."