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Mt. Kuwol
  Mt. Kuwol, one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea, is standing in South Hwanghae Province.
  It has the main Sahwang Peak and many other peaks boasting of unique beauty of mountains and valleys.
  The Sahwang Peak is 954 metres above the sea level. On the peak one can overlook vast paddy fields and the West Sea of Korea in beautiful scenery.
  In deep valleys of Mt. Kuwol there are many waterfalls and pools including the Ryongyon Falls with clear rainbow in water haze and the Samhyongje (Three Brothers) Falls.
  The scenery of Mt. Kuwol is beautiful in all seasons. Superb in particular is its autumn scenery in September when tree leaves turn red and yellow. Hence the name--Kuwol (September).

  Seen on the peaks are evergreen needle-leaf trees mixed with scarlet-tinged broad-leaved trees, which is reminiscent of the flowers embroidered on a green silk.
  The autumnal tints of Mt. Kuwol also add beauty to the antique remains.

  Maple leaves are rustling around the fort of Mt. Kuwol and the gorgeous red and blue paintings of old temples are in good harmony with the maple leaves of various colours, presenting a more beautiful scenery.
  It is impossible to talk about the beauty of Mt. Kuwol apart from the autumnal tints.
  The area of Mt. Kuwol is rich in the animal and plant resources as well and so it has been registered as a world's biosphere reserve.
  Mt. Kuwol is a good scenic spot and cultural recreation resort.