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Riding Custom represented in Mural Paintings of Ancient Tombs
  Korea has a long history of managing horses and Koguryo people were really good at horse riding.
  Koguryo (B.C. 277--A.D. 668) was the most powerful country in the Korean history. Whether or not he or she can ride horse and is a good archer became a standard of estimation in selecting talented people at that time.
  The riding custom of Koguryo is well represented on the mural paintings of the tombs (408) in Tokhung-ri.
  The mural paintings show the brave Koguryo people hunting on horseback.

  Koguryo people trained horse riding and archery on a regular basis according to various methods and rules of games. The mural painting below vividly shows the scene of the game of shooting arrows at fixed targets on horseback.

  Seen in the mural painting are four players, two umpires and one recording clerk.
  Also seen on the right side of the painting is the description to the effect that "This shows the scene of the game 'Masahui' of shooting arrows on horseback in the western yard."
  Cavalrymen took a large proportion in the regular armed forces of Koguryo.
  As shown in the mural painting below, a horse heavily-armed with helmet and armour was called armoured horse and a cavalryman on it warrior on armoured horse.

  At the time of Koguryo the heavily-armed warriors on armoured horses played a great role in defending the country.
  As said above, the tremendous military strength of Koguryo was based on the long tradition of horse riding, archery on horseback, spearsmanship and fencing liked by its people from their childhood.