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Massage of Insteps Good for Health
  Usually, those sitting for office work all day long or the old people with hypertension have swollen feet and legs and some pain and so, they feel inconvenient in life. It is because of the slow circulation of blood in the lower half of the body.
  In that case, it is rational to massage the whole of the lower part of the body for giving an impetus.
  But it is not easy for you to massage the whole of the lower part of your body for yourself every day.
  Nerves are distributed intensively on the insteps. Massage can stimulate nerves to promote the circulation of blood.
  It is recommended to massage the insteps once a day before getting up in the morning. Massage every day for a week and discontinue for two or three days before resuming.
  Repeat it for a long time, and it will be very good for your health.