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There Can't Be Low-Yielding Fields

  There is a leading high-yielding farmer at the Yongjin Farm in Kangnam County of Pyongyang City. Her name is Kim Kum Ok. She produced an average of 10.8 tons of grains per hectare in the fields under her charge this year.
  What surprises the people is the fact that her fields had been recognized as low-yielding ones and she volunteered to cultivate them, rather than her high yields.
  Several years ago, she already turned low-yielding fields into fertile ones with much effort and conceded them to other farmer. She voluntarily took over another low-yielding fields this year.
  She worked tirelessly with an unusual pride that she was among the meritorious persons and labour innovators who had a picture taken with the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on the morning of the New Year's Day in 2022.
  She did every farm work in a responsible manner while actively introducing advanced farming methods and technology. She received the largest share of grains at the farm this year, too, and donated tens of tons of them to the country out of patriotism. The grains she has donated in recent few years amount to one hundred and tens of tons.
  Kim Kum Ok is now busy preparing for the next year's farming with the viewpoint that there cannot be low-yielding fields to the agricultural workers responsible for filling the country's granaries.