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Simple Ways to Relieve Your Fatigue
  - Combing
  It stimulates the region for acupuncture on the head to bring about neural reflex, improve the circulation of blood and promote metabolism of cells.
  It is good for relieving your fatigue to comb your hair 3~5 times for 3~5 minutes a day or once before going to bed.
  - Stretching Yourself
  If you stretch yourself, most of muscles of your body are flexed and blood runs towards the heart to quicken the circulation of the blood, accelerating the bloodstream.
  Stretching yourself on a regular basis is good for removing your fatigue as it contracts and extends muscle tissues of your body and promotes metabolism. 
  - Massaging Your Soles
  It is good for relieving your fatigue to wash your feet and massage their soles for about 20 minutes before going to bed every evening.