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Popular Policies Seen through Dwelling Houses
  Everybody wants to live a happy life in his or her house. The desire comes true in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea thanks to the popular policies of the state.
  The DPRK regards it as its important policy to solve the housing problem of the people.
  In order to satisfy the increasing demand for dwelling houses the housing construction is carried out on a regular basis every year and the houses built at the state expense are provided to working people free of charge.
  This work is done unconditionally irrespective of whether the conditions are favourable or unfavourable.
  In recent years, grand construction projects have been carried out more actively on a nationwide scale than ever before. The most important of them is to solve the housing problem of the people on a high level.
  The construction of 50,000 flats in the capital city of Pyongyang is promoted according to the decision of the Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea which presented it as the core of its construction policy to make the DPRK a country which solved the housing problem first.
  Songhwa Street was built in 2022 and Hwasong Street in 2023.

  Housing construction is accelerated in the countryside as well.

  It has become a policy and law of the state to provide all the cities and counties with cement for the rural housing construction on a regular basis every year and its implementation is powerfully guaranteed. Every region has powerful construction force to build many new dwelling houses.
  The construction expenses are entirely borne by the state and new houses are provided free of charge.
  The Korean people are enjoying a happy life in the wonderful houses built by the state.