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Active Protection of National Cultural Heritage
  Officials and working people in the field of national heritage conservation are working hard to defend and further glorify the history and tradition true to the noble intention of the Workers' Party of Korea to actively protect, inherit and develop the excellent cultural heritage of the Korean nation.
  Recently, the National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage newly registered eight objects including the paints-making technique, legends of Mt. Chilbo, and Koryo medicinal herbs-processing technique and custom of using them as national and local intangible cultural heritage.

  And it directs efforts to keeping the historic sites as they were on the principle of fidelity to historical truth, including the colourful painting of the Taedong Gate and the Ryongwang Pavilion in Pyongyang City and the laying of tiles on their roofs.
  The Rangnang Museum also preserves the historic remains and relics and disseminates national culture properly.

  It displayed more than 2,000 relics showing well the continuation of culture from Ancient Joson established in the early 30th century B.C. to Rangnang, a minor state built by the ruined people of Ancient Joson, and its independent character.
  It also restored eight tombs to their original state outside, which clearly show the law-governed process of the changes of tombs.

  Curator Kim Myong Sik says:
  "We have preserved the wooden relics in the ancient tombs as they were on the basis of a scientific methodology in contact with professional research institutions. And we are intensifying education among the working people and school youth and children visiting our museum so that they can have a deeper understanding of the historic contents of the period of Rangnang culture through the ancient remains and relics created at that time."

  Thanks to the active conservation and dissemination of national cultural heritage, the people keenly feel a great national pride while acquiring a deep knowledge of their excellent history and tradition.