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For Developing Advanced Biological Medicines

  The Biomedicine Institute under the Academy of Medical Science is putting efforts into the researches for developing advanced biological medicines.
  It is the main goal of the researchers to develop new medicines with immediate and durable curative effects.

  Last year the researchers of the institute developed various advanced biological medicines in a bionic way.
  Those medicines were highly estimated at the "National Exhibition of Sci-Tech Successes in the Field of Public Health--2023". Especially, they drew the attention of clinical experts for their clear effects of preventing and curing obstinate diseases.
  The Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea presented the tasks to correctly enforce our socialist public health policies and further consolidate the material and technical foundations of the public health sector.
  The researchers of the institute set a higher goal on the basis of the successes they made last year and have turned out for its attainment.
  Section Chief Tong Jong Hye says:
  "We are intensifying the researches to develop various kinds of reagents, medicines and vaccines for diagnosing, curing and preventing diseases, antibody diagnosis reagents in particular."

  The efforts of the researchers of the institute to make scientific and effective research findings will actively contribute to strengthening the material and technical foundations of the public health sector.