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Health and Emotion
  Diverse emotional life exerts a great influence on health.
  It is said that the cerebral nerve cells of man amount to 10 to 15 billion and 100,000 of them die every day from when he is about 20 years old. But the more the brains are used, the longer the cerebral nerve cells live and the more they revive.
  For example, if 50 to 60-year-old man reads many books, new cerebral nerve cells responding to it are produced and those cells which should have died remain alive.
  Man less interested in diverse emotional life, however, gets old quickly as the cerebral nerve cells are used one-sidedly.
  Therefore, you should endeavour to use your cerebral nerve cells evenly and enjoy many-sided emotional life to have no idling cells.
  The diverse emotional life such as reading, listening to music and going to the theatre is good for health and longevity as it prevents ageing of the brains by keeping nerve cells from idling.