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Please Try Koryo Insam
  Insam is a perennial medicinal plant belonging to Aralia elata family.

  Insam was named so as its root looks like human. The one that grows in mountains is called wild insam and the one that is cultivated is called insam.
  Insam of Korea has been widely known in the world as a medicinal stuff good for treatment of diseases and long life of people since ancient times.
  It was exported to other countries during the Koryo Dynasty which existed between 918 and 1392. Since then, it was called "Koryo Insam". Since it was cultivated in Kaesong which was the capital of the Koryo Dynasty, it is also called "Kaesong Koryo Insam" and "Kaesong Insam".
  Insam contains different kinds of saponin and essential amino acid, vitamins and minerals needed for good health and longevity.
  It protects the five viscera, has good effect on the vascular system and stimulates the internal glands to promote metabolism.
  It also invigorates strength, relieves fatigue, enhances mental and physical capabilities and improves vitality of the body.
  Therefore, it is used as a material for tonics and medicinal material for treatment. Its adequate intake is 3 to 9 grams a day.

  Insam can be used to make tea or liquor for drink. Boiled insam can be mixed with corn syrup or honeyed water before boiling it down. Wheat flour and sugar can be mixed with powdered insam to make biscuits.
  Especially, it is good to stuff a chicken with insam and boil it in water hard. It is called Samgyethang (steamed chicken stuffed with insam) in the DPRK.
  We will introduce the detailed method how to make Samgyethang next time.
  Dear audience,
  Please try the famous Koryo Insam. Surely it will be effective.