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Ulji Mun Dok, Famous General of Koguryo
  Ulji Mun Dok is a famous patriotic general of Koguryo, the first feudal state of Korea that existed between 277 B.C. and A.D. 668. He was the commander-in-chief of the Koguryo army when three million-strong foreign enemy invaded in 612.

  At that time, he saw through the enemy's plot to adopt blitz tactics and strengthened the main defence line to foil their attempt. When the enemy infiltrated 305,000 troops deep into the rear of Koguryo in a bid to reduce it to submission at any cost, he went into their camp alone on the plea of negotiations with the enemy commander and learned about their situation.
  Confirming that the enemy were very tired from a long march and ill-disciplined and suffering a severe food shortage, he decided to annihilate them with allurement and clean-up-field-and-defend-fort tactics.

  General Ulji Mun Dok applied those tactics skilfully to trap the invaders who had come up to 12 kilometres from the Ponghwang Fort called the northern Walled City of Pyongyang.
  Researcher Yang Kwi Song at the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences says:
  "When the enemy came up to the vicinity of the northern Walled City of Pyongyang, the secondary capital of Koguryo, Ulji Mun Dok wrote a poem to the enemy commander.
  Reading the poem, the enemy commander was struck with terror and began to retreat his troops without daring to fight Koguryo any longer."
  General Ulji Mun Dok pursued the enemy in retreat and won a great victory in Salsu. The battle was recorded in history as "great victory in Sulsu".
  Afterwards, the exploits of Ulji Mun Dok served as a great encouragement to the struggle of the Korean people against the foreign invasions, making a great contribution to defending Koguryo.