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A Promising Educator in His 30s
  Teacher Kil Chol Jin at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of Kim Chaek University of Technology is one of the talented personnel making a contribution to education and sci-tech development of the country with their profound knowledge of applied mathematics.

  He is a promising educator in his 30s.
  In his childhood he was unusually interested in the solution of mathematical problems and harboured an ambition to become a famous mathematician developing the basic sciences of the country.
  He finished the whole primary and middle school courses with honours and entered Kim Chaek University of Technology training sci-tech talents of the country as he desired.
  He studied hard to acquire a lot of knowledge and so his classmates called him "Doctor of Mathematics".
  After graduating from the university with excellent results, he finished the postgraduate course and then became a teacher of the university.
  He has devoted all his wisdom and passion to improving the quality of professional education with a desire to repay the love and trust of the state that brought him up.
  In those days, he invented a number of new teaching methods based on modern educational science and technology and generalized them throughout the country.
  Last year he made tens of new electronic teaching plans and multimedia programs and applied them to teaching. Besides, he completed a research paper of significance in the applied mathematics and contributed it to an authoritative international scientific journal.

  His honest mind gave rise to the tireless passion, which resulted in successes.
  Kil Chol Jin says:
  "The Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea presented important tasks to make the educational contents and methods of majors more concrete, diverse and practical. This year, I will put greater spurs to developing the subject of differential equation into the world first-class level."
  Kil Chol Jin does not know satisfaction in his efforts to make constant advance for a higher goal.