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Household Doctors Called First
  Household doctors of the Sopho Polyclinic in Hyongjesan District of Pyongyang City are called "our doctors" by the residents.
  They are in charge of a large number of households.
  Much effort and a heap of time are needed to learn in detail about the health of the people of those households.
  The household doctors of the polyclinic are well aware of the health of all residents in their charge through thorough screening and examination.
  They let those registered as chronic invalids in the course of medical checkup receive intensive care on a regular basis or send them to hospitals. They organize mobile medical checkup and treatment regularly for busy residents.
  One day, doctor Choe Hye Gyong saw a resident unconscious with sudden illness during house call. The old patient of weak constitution was in a critical condition. Choe Hye Gyong took emergency measures immediately and treated the patient for several days and nights until the illness took a turn for the better. After the patient was fully recovered, Choe prepared tonics and special foods for the patient.
  It is too commonplace an event among the household doctors.

  Choe Hye Gyong says:
  "We, household doctors, have a sense of responsibility that we are in charge of the health of our residents before the country and the pride of defending their health.
  We visit the residents with such responsibility and pride."
  Many people recovered from illness thanks to the household doctors.
  That's why the residents always call their household doctors first.
  The Korean people enjoy the benefits of the socialist public health system better thanks to the health workers with ardent love and utmost sincerity for human beings.