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Dream of a Taekwon-Do Girl
  A performance of schoolchildren for greeting the New Year 2024 was given in the presence of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace in the capital city of Pyongyang on January 1.
  That day, Kim Jong Un met 17 exemplary members of the Korean Children's Union. Among them was 2nd-year student Jang Song Yong at the Jongphyong Senior Middle School in Phyongchon District, who was putting on Taekwon-Do uniform.

  Jang Song Yong started learning Taekwon-Do at the Taekwon-Do group of her primary school when she was 10 years old.
  At the age of 13, she entered the Juvenile Taekwon-Do School under the Pyongyang City Taekwon-Do Team, where she developed her talents more fully.
  She loved Taekwon-Do very much and had a precious dream to fly high the red and blue flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at international games and meet Marshal Kim Jong Un.
  In order to realize her dream she trained hard.
  She made redoubled efforts to improve her poor agility in going over from one movement to another despite her good physical condition. Sometimes, she was feeble-minded with excessive physical burden. But she would brace herself up for her dream.
  As she was such a persistent and passionate girl, she could distinguish herself at home soon. She took part in the 22nd Taekwon-Do World Championships last year, winning four gold medals, one silver medal and the championship band.

  She participated in the New Year performance with the pride.
  Listening to her successes in the championships with an air of satisfaction, Kim Jong Un asked about her age and watched her forte, giving a big hand to her.
  Jang Song Yong says:
  "It seems as if I was in dream. Little did I know that my wish would come true.
  At that time, I told Marshal Kim Jong Un that I would train Taekwon-Do harder to win more gold medals at international games.
  Listening to my resolve, he gave me a big hand again, wishing me a happy future."
  Her mother Kong Chun Hwa says:
  "I received congratulations from people when my daughter took the first place at an international game and she met Marshal Kim Jong Un on the New year's Day this year.
  My daughter realized her dream under the benefits of the grateful socialist system."
  Jang Song Yong is training hard to fly higher the national flag in the sky of the world as she knows well that training leads to glorifying the honour of the country.