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Let's Protect Liver
  It is a well-known fact that liver is the most important of the internal organs in deciding on man's span of life.
  A public health expert maintained that liver plays more significant role than the heart as it performs a lot of complicated functions in the body.
  According to him, liver performs a lot of functions in the body as an important internal organ which cannot be substituted by any other organ. In case one of its functions is put in disorder, man's life may be in danger. Unlike the liver, however, the heart is a common "pump" and has no complicated functions.
  Liver performs functions indispensable to man's life including protein synthesis and detoxication.
  Then, what are the foods helpful to the liver protection?
  The foods with a lot of roughage help move along a digestive canal without being spoiled, increasing the fat treatment capacity of the liver.
  The roughage is largely contained in peanut, pea and unhulled wheat. Comparatively large amount of roughage is contained in carrot and cabbage of the vegetables and in apple of fruit.
  The yolk is also good for normalizing the liver functions.
  Walnut has a sufficient amount of substances preventing hepatomegaly.