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Natural Tri-Inflorescence Extract, a Health Drink
  The natural tri-inflorescence extract is a health drink specially good for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  Its main ingredients are barrenwort, honeysuckle and dandelion growing in mountains and fields of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  These herbs have long been used as medicinal materials.

  The developers confirmed the optimum mixing prescription of these herbs and manufactured the natural tri-inflorescence extract with marvellous effect in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by using a traditional pharmacological method and advanced extracting technology.
  After using the medicine, Ryang Tong Gun says:
  "My blood pressure was so high that I couldn't work properly. But such symptom disappeared after I used the natural tri-inflorescence extract."
  Kim Kwang Hun has this to say:
  "I did not have a good sleep because of insomnia. Waking from sleep in the morning, I felt heavy in the head and seemed to have a bad sleep.
  I heard that the natural tri-inflorescence extract is good and started to use it. In less than a month after its administration I had a good sleep.
  If I lay down, I got to sleep within 10 minutes. After waking up, I began to feel very well. And I had a strong desire for work. Anyway, this medicine is good in various aspects, I think."
  Kim Thaek Son says:
  "I used to take medicines because of high blood pressure. If I took medicines, blood pressure decreased. But if not, it rose again.
  I was told that the natural tri-inflorescence extract is good and began to use it from six months ago. Now my blood pressure is normal."
  The natural tri-inflorescence extract is good for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.
  Besides, it invigorates the human body and strengthens immunity, giving clear effect to the prevention and treatment of different diseases including digestive troubles, metabolic diseases and sexual disorder.
  The natural tri-inflorescence extract does not have any negative effect on the human body unlike modern medicines.
  It is also safe as it does not show any toxic symptoms and side effects at all.
  It was highly estimated at a number of exhibitions last year and drew special attention of people at the "International Trade Fair--2023".
  The natural tri-inflorescence extract specially efficacious against the cardiovascular diseases is prepared at the Yanggak Foodstuff Production Branch Station.