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Developer of Popular Koryo Medicine with High Efficacy
  Today lots of new medicines are developed along with the development of the society.
  Doctor and Associate Professor Jang Kum Ryon, Section Chief of the Faculty of Koryo Medicine of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, says:
  "As the season changes, people easily get respiratory diseases such as cold because their immunity becomes weak. We've recently developed Membranous Milkvetch and Ledebourieiia Divaricate Immunomodulatory Tablets with Koryo medicines which are abundant in our country and suit the physical constitution of our people. It is a popular medicine which can effectively prevent cold among those who are liable to catch cold due to their weak immunity such as old people and children."
  The newly developed medicine was highly appreciated at the "National Exhibition of Sci-Tech Successes in the Field of Public Health--2023" last year.

  This success is associated with the efforts of Section Chief Jang Kum Ryon who has striven to preserve the superiority of Koryo medicines.
  Jang Kum Ryon is a scientist and educator who has been devoting her all to medical research and training of talents at the university for tens of years.
  She made continuous researches in the correlation between traditional medicines used for many years and modern diseases so as to protect the bodies of people and raise their immunity with Koryo medicines rich in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  She made a correct analysis of the tastes and properties of various medicinal materials and carried out lots of basic experiments to find out the pharmacological action in the course of mixing different kinds of medicinal materials and the effect on the treatment.
  After her laborious efforts, she developed a medicine with traditional medicinal materials of the Korean nation which is very effective for treatment of modern diseases, making an active contribution to the public health practice.
  Jang Kum Ryon says:
  "I will, in the future, too, make scientific researches into the antiviral Koryo medicines now under development, actively contributing to the promotion of the people's health."

  Jang Kum Ryon is making researches to develop highly efficacious Koryo medicines suited to the physical constitution of the Korean people.