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Family of Doctors

  The members of this family in the picture are all doctors.
  Maeng Thae Won is a section chief of Kim Il Sung University. He is also a professor.
  His wife Jo Sin Ok (right) is a department head of a central hospital. She is a professor as well.
  His daughter Maeng Yu Gyong (left) is a researcher of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.
  Here is Maeng Yu Gyong.
  "When I was young, I often heard people call mine a 'family of doctors'. So, I determined to be a doctor.
  In the course of making scientific research I came to know that it is not an easy work.
  However, seeing my parents who had been making scientific researches all their lives, I made up my mind not to give up my determination."
  Maeng Thae Won has devoted his whole life to the study of catalyst which is of great significance in realizing the independence of the chemical industry of the country.
  He was awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest prize of this kind in Korea, in February last year.
  Jo Sin Ok who is a Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism is an authority on medical genetics of the country.
  The couple graduated from universities as they hoped under the socialist free education system and have achieved brilliant successes in their scientific researches.
  They always tell their daughter that the medal of doctor is not a belonging but a token of expectation and belief of the country and people.
  Maeng Yu Gyong majoring in language pathology became a doctor at the age of 33.
  "Doctorate is not all of my goals. It's only the beginning.
  I will devote all my wisdom and passion to do more things for the country and people."
  It is the motto of their family to become people needed by the society.