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Beloved "School" in Factory
  At the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory there are many workers enjoying the love and respect of the masses as indispensable inventors.

  As to the secret of the valuable inventions, they say in unison that it is ascribed to the sci-tech learning space.
  Employees of the factory like to visit the sci-tech learning space, saying it is a treasury of knowledge that solves everything.
  The cozy sci-tech learning space has a lot of data needed for the technical development of the factory, which were secured in contact with a number of sci-tech dissemination centres including the Central Information Agency for Science and Technology.
  High is the enthusiasm of the employees for study of the data.
  They acquire new knowledge more amply for a short time in the sci-tech learning space, though they had to sit up several nights to read a number of books in the past.
  Workteam Head Kim Yong Chol at the Preparatory Workshop and worker Jo Kwang Nam at the Weaving Workshop made a number of valuable inventions and thus rendered active services to the revitalization of the production. They and others respected as treasures of the factory were the regular visitors to the sci-tech learning space.
  They proudly say the sci-tech learning space is a beloved "school" in the factory that trains all of them as the masters of science and technology and good inventors.