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Director of Department of Information of MFA of DPRK gives press statement to media
  Press statement of Jo Yong Sam, Director of the Department of Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  As is known, Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States who deserved due counterattack from China by disturbing peace and stability of the region with her junket to Taiwan incited confrontation atmosphere against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on her junket to south Korea.
  Together with south Korean authorities, she insisted on "a powerful and expanded deterrent power" coping with the "threat of north Korea" and even went out to the joint security area at Panmunjom. It revealed the vision of the hostile policy of the present US administration against the DPRK.
  Here in lies in depth its sinister attempt to further aggravate the acute situation on the Korean peninsula and the region by instigating the present south Korean conservative force to the confrontation against fellow countrymen and to justify its anachronistic hostile policy against the DPRK and reckless moves for arms build up with it as a pretext.
  The US is adding fuel to the flames.
  In April this year Pelosi toured Ukraine and incited the confrontation against Russia. In the wake of it, she toured Taiwan this time to excite the anger of the Chinese people. She is the greatest disturber of the international peace and stability. If she thought that she will be OK in the Korean peninsula, she mistook it.
  The US will have to pay dearly for the seeds of trouble sown by Pelosi everywhere she went.
  August 6, Juche 111(2022)