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Press statement of Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of WPK CC
  Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

  On November 22, those of the south Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs found fault with the exercise of our right to self-defence as "provocation" and said they are examining additional "independent sanctions" because our "provocation" continues.
  No sooner had the United States called for "independent sanctions" against the DPRK than the south Korean puppets disgustingly imitated it. It is clearer that they are the "faithful dog" and stooge of the United States.
  Every time I see the south Korean stooges behave, I feel dumbfounded.
  They are no more than a stray dog gnawing at a bone given by the United States. It is ridiculous for them to talk about "sanctions" against us.
  If the master and stooge are still attached to the useless "sanctions", do as they please in the future.
  It is really foolish if they thought they could escape the current dangerous situation by "sanctions".
  Fools are called so as they don't know how to live safe and comfortably.
  I don't understand why the south Korean people remain onlooker to their "regime" in which Yoon Suk Yeol and his idiots continue to create dangerous situation.
  When Moon Jae In was in power, Seoul was not our target at least.
  I warn the shameless fools once again.
  The more desperately the United States and the south Korean stooges resort to sanctions and pressure against us, the further our hatred and resentment will grow and it will be a halter strangling their windpipe.

  November 24, Juche 111(2022)