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Active Development and Use of Hydraulic Resources
  Korea is very rich in hydraulic resources as she is seabound on three sides and has big and small rivers everywhere.
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has long put great efforts into the construction of hydropower stations to ease the strain on power and speed up the electrification of the country.
  It is pushing ahead with the construction of both large-scale and medium- and small-size hydropower stations at the same time.
  The power stations with the generating capacity of more than 10,000 kilowatts are defined as large-scale ones, those with the capacity between 1,000 and 10,000 kilowatts as medium-size ones and those with the capacity between 100 and 1,000 kilowatts as small-size ones.
  In recent years, a nationwide campaign has been conducted to tap and use all the hydraulic resources of the country.

  Large-scale hydropower stations such as the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station and the Orangchon Power Station were inaugurated to make a decisive progress in solving the power problem of the country and meet the increasing demand of the national economy for electricity.
  Now the construction of the Tanchon Power Station is in progress, which is the largest one in the history of construction of hydropower stations of the country.
  Along with the construction of large-scale hydropower stations, medium- and small-size power stations are built in the provinces, cities and counties in a peculiar way.

  Medium- and small-size power stations with high economic effectiveness including Unit 2 of the Kumyagang Power Station in South Hamgyong Province are under construction everywhere with flowing water. It is the most rational and profitable way to easily solve the problem of electricity needed for the units at an early date with locally available materials and manpower.
  More than 90 percent of Kangwon Province is mountains and it has nearly 200 rivers with the length of 20 kilometres. It is building hydropower stations in a bold way by using the inexhaustible hydraulic resources.
  After building the large-scale Wonsan Army-People Power Station in 2016, the province planned to build over 20 power stations and now it pushes ahead with the construction of several of them at the same time.

  The hydropower stations built across the country serve as an eternal wealth and a firm foundation for the development of the self-supporting economy.