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For Higher Goals
  Cement producers in all parts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are putting spurs to the production in order to send larger quantities of quality cement to the major construction sites true to the important tasks presented by the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  Last year the Sangwon Cement Complex recorded the highest results in the annual production since its inauguration. This year, too, the complex is producing a lot of cement every day and sending it to the socialist construction sites.
  Officials and workers of the complex are introducing an efficient operation method to increase the clinker production. They are also pooling their creative wisdom to produce good-quality cement.

  The complex considers the strengthening of the production base to be as important as the fulfilment of the current plan in order to fully meet the demand for cement which will grow in the future.
  The officials direct great efforts to strengthening their own sci-tech forces, regarding it as an important work for readjusting and reinforcing the production base.
  They encourage the producer-masses to prepare themselves as the working people of intellectual type and take an active part in the technical innovation movement. Besides, they not only find out the talented personnel well versed in technology and skills of a field concerned but also organize the work to raise their levels and abilities and widen their mental horizon.
  As a result, the complex is laying more solid material and technical foundations for steadily increasing the production and making its sustainable development.
  Not resting content with their achievements, the workers of the complex are making advance onwards for higher goals.