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Motive Force of Increased Mineral Production

  The Sunchon Limestone Mine made the first huge blasting this year. As a result, the mine can excavate large quantities of main raw materials for cement production.
  In addition, the achievement made by scientists of the Silicate Engineering Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences gives the workers of the mine fresh strength and courage to attain the production goal for this year by further raising the spirit they displayed last year.
  The scientists of the institute, in close cooperation with the officials, technicians and workers of the mine, made it possible to drastically increase the cement production with tens of million tons of limestone capping.
  In most of the limestone mines, the amount of limestone capping continuously increases, causing difficulty in excavating limestone,   arranging stone pits and conveying ores. After all, the cement production cost rises and its production faces trouble.
  The quality of the cement produced by using limestone capping has been proved to be good by the state quality authentication test.
  Close cooperation of scientists, technicians and workers lays a sure guarantee for attaining the production goal of the Sunchon Limestone Mine this year.