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"Hwanggumnarak"-Trademarked Foodstuffs
  "Those products are tasty and highly nutritious."
  "My family like them so much that I am here again to buy them."
  These are the compliments of people on the "Hwanggumnarak" (Golden Ears of Rice)-trademarked foodstuffs which were popular at a number of recent exhibitions including the Pyongyang City Consumer Goods Exhibition.
  The "Hwanggumnarak"-trademarked foodstuffs are those of the Kwangbok Kumgangsan Foodstuff Factory. The factory is producing one hundred and tens of kinds of foodstuffs including instant noodles, bread, cakes and beverage.
  With the viewpoint that the people's estimation of the products is precisely science and their trust and expectation, the officials and employees of the factory have worked hard to improve the quality of the foodstuffs and expand their varieties.
  As a result, they could produce good-quality foodstuffs of different kinds and types although it has not been long since the factory started its production.
  The factory is now developing and producing tens of kinds of new foodstuffs of good quality on the basis of the opinions of broad masses.

  Thanks to their painstaking efforts to produce wonderful foodstuffs, the trademark of "Hwanggumnarak" becomes more familiar with the Korean people as the days go by.