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Essential Oil Developed with Our Technique

  These are researchers of the Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory absorbed in developing new products. They are devoting all their wisdom and enthusiasm to develop new kinds of essential oil suited to the tastes and emotions of the Korean people.
  Essential oil takes a big share in the production of consumer goods such as foodstuffs, soap and cosmetics.
  The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory produces tens of kinds of natural aromatic goods with materials rich in the country.
  The factory has put primary efforts into strengthening its own technical forces to improve the quality of the products.
  It made equipment by itself in contact with a unit concerned, which can thoroughly ensure the correct rate of mixing 40 to 50 kinds of raw materials, providing a guarantee for further raising the quality of the products.
  Last year, the factory presented natural aromatic goods developed with a new technique of essence.
  Essential oils from different kinds of flowers including pine needle, peach and apricot won popularity of the production units.
  The Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea set it as the first task of the light industrial sector in 2024 to improve the quality of consumer goods and basic foodstuffs.
  In order to carry out the task, the factory set it as its research project to further complete the research into the natural essential oil extracting technique and thus develop a larger quantity of better spices and essential oils with domestic raw materials.
  The employees of the factory think that the products they make should give off their unique fragrance.