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Benefits from Online Education
  The online education system now active in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea plays a big role in training broad working people as those of intellectual type and demonstrate its vitality to the full.
  The Rangnang Disabled Soldiers' Essential Plastic Goods Factory is one of those units enjoying the benefits of the online education.
  At present, tens of employees of the factory have been enrolled in the online education system, who play an important role in modernizing the equipment and improving the quality of products.

  The factory quarterly organizes technical presentation and technical innovation competition for them to actively develop their creativity.
  Technical Assistant Kim Un Guk has this to say:
  "Those enrolled in the online education system made a great contribution to finding a solution of raw materials in waste plastic and taking sci-tech measures in order to satisfy the growing demand for products.
  They played a big role in building a process for sorting the waste plastic, analyzing the characteristics according to the quality of raw materials and finding out the reasonable proportion of additives.
  Waste plastic is used to produce more than 200 kinds of goods, whose proportion is over 60 to 100 percent. The quality is little different from that of those products using no waste plastic."
  Recently they have introduced technical innovation proposals into the production process of food packing materials, thus improving the quality of products.

  Thanks to the online education, the factory is achieving many successes in the production which will be conducive to improving the people's living.