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  These are the agricultural workers at the Janggyo Farm in Kangnam County who have been reaping high and stable yields in recent few years despite unfavourable disastrous abnormal weather including drought, high temperature, flood and rainy wind.
  The key is the active introduction of advanced farming techniques and methods.
  It was not smooth at the beginning. Some of the farmers pinned their hopes on the old experiences and some gave up introducing the new methods as the technical demand for each process was high and the result was different from what they had expected.
  Officials of the farm, however, directed great efforts to the agricultural guidance to make everyone know the advanced farming techniques and methods well and introduce them creatively in conformity with specific conditions with the viewpoint that the scientific farming is the only way out, and persistently pushed ahead with the work.
  The farm has been applying highly-efficient natural plant activator developed by scientists relying on their wisdom, technology and resources to all its fields for several years, thus getting great benefits from it. The activator called "Jinsim 1" is in wide use at many farms across the country, which proved effective in the early crop farming this year.
  With the awareness that they should employ scientific farming methods to increase the grain production, the workers of the farm are studying hard the agricultural science and technology.