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Production of Efficacious Koryo Medicines
  The Kanggye Koryo Medicine-Processing Factory in Kanggye City of Jagang Province is producing a lot of Koryo medicines which not only suit the Korean people's ways of life and physical characteristics but also take great effect.
  The factory continues to improve the quality of various Koryo medicines and increase their kinds on the basis of having put the production processes on a GMP footing.
  It further raises the medicinal value of the products all the more while constantly intensifying the research into recipes of the traditional Koryo medicines. It achieves successes in the research for developing medicines good for the prevention of aging and the cancer treatment.
  Extracts of thorny ginseng and barrenwort and other Koryo medicines produced at the factory are popular among people for their hygienic safety and good quality. So, they were highly estimated at national exhibitions several times in the past.

  Not resting content with it, the employees of the factory are making efforts to keep developing new products of high medicinal value based on locally available medical plant resources in contact with scientific research units.