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With Patriotism
  Officials and scientists of the Pyongyang Turf Institute work hard for good landscape greening to provide the people with better conditions and environment for cultural and emotional life with the desire to make the land of the country greener and more beautiful with substantial research findings.
  In the past scientists of the institute made a success in breeding new varieties of turf. Now they are putting greater spurs to the researches for breeding and introducing larger quantities of good varieties of turf suited to the climatic and soil conditions of the country.
  Deputy Director So Kwang Chol says:

  "Our institute intensifies the study of ground covers of various species. It is important to propagate ground covers quickly in order to spread them widely. So, we have established the method of vegetative propagation and the cultivation method which allows fast growth even under various soil and climatic conditions. In addition, we are directing efforts to widely introducing the ground covers and disseminating science and technology."
  The institute is powerfully pushing ahead with the research into compound fertilizer needed for turf cultivation. On the basis of the experience of having developed compound fertilizer for turf, they are conducting positive researches for developing new compound fertilizer and nutritive liquid effective in the cultivation of crops and other green plants as well as turf and raising the efficacy of the developed products. They also concentrate efforts on the researches for preventing damages by harmful insects and putting the seeding and cultivation of turf on a highly scientific footing.


  Today, the officials and scientists of the institute are making more strenuous efforts with the patriotic will to face-lift the country and provide the people with more cultured living conditions and environment through their practical scientific research findings.