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To Make Better Products
  The Wonsan Footwear Factory is achieving successes in diversifying the products and improving their quality.

  The factory regularly holds prize design competitions involving not only specialists but also all producers and actively introduces the selected good designs into production.
  Ordinary workers as well as technicians presented lots of designs conducive to improving the quality of products and expanding their variety. It serves as an important occasion of encouraging the masses to turn out in the competition for improving the quality of the products and increasing their variety.
  The officials, technicians and employees of the factory pooled their strength and wisdom to develop and produce eight main varieties and 63 expanded varieties of shoes in the first half of the year. They manufactured and secured new types of sole dies and shoe trees and are actively using them for production.
  In those days, tens of pieces of new equipment including knitter and single-purpose printer were manufactured, further strengthening the material and technical foundations of the factory.
  Now the factory is increasing the production while largely lowering the norm of materials consumption per unit of output by introducing new technologies.

  The employees of the Wonsan Footwear Factory are devoting their all to improving the quality of the products.