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Spirit of Emulation between Vegetable Producers
  Vegetable production is carried on competitively at the large-scale Ryonpho and Jungphyong Greenhouse Farms in the east coastal area of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  The Ryonpho and Jungphyong Greenhouse Farms are the vegetable producers built in recent years thanks to the noble love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the people.

  Yu Chol Gu, Section Chief of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm, says:
  "Our farm has produced lots of greenhouse vegetables over the past one year since its inauguration. We harvested the first greenhouse vegetables in February last and since then, we have produced a large quantity of greenhouse vegetables including cucumber, tomato, bok choy, crown daisy and spinach and sent them to the people of Hamhung City, Jangjin County, Pujon County and many other regions of the province."
  The employees of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm take care of the nutrition of vegetable crops according to the biological characteristics of their varieties and manage temperature, humidity and every vegetable crop and control harmful insects in a scientific and technological way.

  They conduct vigorous technical innovations for making the most of the space in every block of the farm and decisively increasing the unit-area yield while reducing the production costs, laying firm material and technological foundations for revitalizing the vegetable production.
  Also high is the spirit of the Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm.

  The farm attaches importance to putting the production on a highly scientific basis and directs efforts to enhancing the role of technicians and skilled workers.
  Especially, it is concentrating efforts on cultivating good strains of vegetables with high nutritive value and productivity and producing a lot of functional vegetables.

  The farm organizes emulation between workers of the blocks and generalizes advanced experiences so that all the employees can manure and cultivate vegetables properly with high responsibility.
  It takes measures to recycle the waste water coming after the application of nutrient solution. In this way, the farm introduces practical methods, making good results in production.
  Worker Ju Hyang Chun says:
  "This time we have introduced a new cylindrical cultivation method into the vegetable production. So we can shorten the growing period about 15 days and grow more vegetables in the limited area. We can also increase the unit-area yield as much as 2.5 times while saving manpower as against the soil culture."

  New vegetable cultivation methods and good experiences are created and the vegetable production increases day by day thanks to the spirit of emulation between the two greenhouse farms to provide the people with larger quantities of fresh vegetables.