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Rights of Citizens Exercised
  The rights of citizens are stipulated by the constitution, basic law of a state.
  Chapter 5 of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea stipulated the fundamental rights and duties of citizens.
  The government of the DPRK is paying primary attention to fully providing the people with all conditions to exercise their independent rights as social beings.
  It is an important principle maintained by the DPRK government in its activities to accept and implement the will and demand of the people in time and make all people take an active part in the state management and socio-political life to enjoy a worthwhile political life.
  The Korean people fully exercise political rights as the masters of the country such as the rights to elect and to be elected.
  For example, 99.63 percent of the electors took part in the voting and 27,858 workers, peasants, intellectuals and officials were elected deputies to the local people's assemblies held on November 26.

  In the DPRK ordinary working people are elected deputies to power organs at all levels and all of them participate in the state activities and the exercise of sovereignty as masters with the equal political right.

  Article 70 of Chapter 5 of the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK stipulates that citizens have the right to work.
  How to ensure the right to work is one of the important factors defining the progressive nature of a social system.
  In the DPRK, all able-bodied citizens choose occupations in accordance with their wishes and skills and are provided with stable jobs and working conditions. And they work according to their abilities and are paid in accordance with the quantity and quality of their work.
  Besides, the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK clearly stipulates by law the principles to substantially grant all people the position and role as masters of everything and provide them with all kinds of public welfare. According to it, the Korean people fully exercise genuine rights of independent human beings such as the right to relaxation, the rights to food, clothing and housing, the right to education and the right to medical care.
  That is why the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK has become the law of the people themselves enjoying an absolute support of the entire people and the Constitution Day December 27, a significant holiday.