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Develop a Technique Helpful to the Country
  Recently, more and more agricultural units in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea introduce the method of manuring by drawing water into rice paddy amid greater interest in it.
  This method calls for applying high-concentration mixed fertilizer liquid along with water in rice field. It is a practical cultivation technique that ensures uniform growth of paddy rice while preventing the fertilizer from being washed away and raising its effectiveness.

  Doctor and Associate Professor Ji Un Jong, Researcher of the Life Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University, played a core role in studying and establishing the practical cultivation technique.
  More than 10 years ago, just before finishing her postgraduate course, she decided to study the method of manuring by drawing water into rice paddy.
  Because she realized that the research is an urgent issue of solving the food problem of the country.
  So, she got to the research into a new field far from her major without hesitation.
  Under selfless assistance of other researchers, she worked heart and soul to establish a methodology for maximizing the simultaneous effect of drawing water into rice paddy and manuring. She repeated tests in the fields of a farm for several years in order to get an optimum experimental value.
  In the course she developed a device for supplying quantitative fertilizer which can raise the effectiveness of fertilizer in the paddy rice cultivation and on its basis, established the method of manuring by drawing water into rice paddy.
  She also put much effort into the introduction of the method so that her research findings could prove effective in reality.
  She went out to many farms across the country together with other researchers every year for effective passing-on-technique and demonstration, making an active contribution to increasing the grain production.
  It is a cherished opinion of Dr. Ji Un Jong that it is important to develop a technique helpful to the country.
  Ji Un Jong is one of the best scientists and technicians of the state in 2023.