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Some Foodstuffs as Good as Insam
  Insam is a valuable medicine which is very good for the people of weak constitution to take as a tonic. There are some foodstuffs whose effects are as good as insam.
  - Trepang
  It contains protein, fat, sugar, inorganic salt, different kinds of vitamins, iodine, collagen cellulose and polysaccharide. So it supplies blood and invigorates the kidney and stomach.
  - Quail
  The quail meat is a typical food of high protein, low fat and low cholesterol which contains various kinds of vitamins, minerals, lecithin and essential amino acid. It is especially good for middle-aged and old people, and for those cases with hypertension and obesity. The quail meat and eggs are tonic foods and also a good medicine for treating various diseases.
  - Carrot
  It contains plenty of Vitamin A and has strong anti-cancer function.
  Eating it often can lower the incidence of lung cancer. The substances in carrot strengthen the flow of blood of the coronary arteries, lower the rate of fat in blood and have some effect on the treatment of hypertension, heart disease and stomach trouble.