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Songdan, a Seaside Scenic Beauty
  On the east coast of Riwon County in South Hamgyong Province there is a 100-metre-wide thick pine forest in over 8-kilometre-long section.

  It is Songdan, a seaside scenic beauty, which is well-known to the Korean people.
  According to a historical record, in that area there was not a single pine but only a long sandy beach along the coast until the first half of the 17th century. So it was difficult to do good farming owing to the sea wind.
  The local people began to plant and cultivate young pine trees along the sandy beach in order to create a windbreak. Those pine trees grew thick and in the first half of the 18th century, a dense forest was created in the wide beach where only sand had been blown off by the wind, and the area was called Songdan.
  The boundless expanse of pine forest is in good harmony with the clear and blue sea and the sandy beach with full-blown sweet briers, presenting a superb view. There is also a modern rest home.