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Scenic Spot of Sinphyong Kumgang
  Sinphyong Kumgang is a scenic spot famous for the beauty of valleys.

  Mountains which are over 700 metres above the sea level and ravines are seen in nearly 8-kilometre-long section.
  Eight ravines including the Jinju, Kumgang and Jangsubong Ravines present a unique scenery.
  Going about 15 steps up, a landscape seen just before appears as another one. In front it seems to be blocked, but nearby another scene starts. It is a wonder of nature created by the densely distributed beauty spots and the complicated and ever-changing landforms.
  Clear water is flowing along the gorges in all seasons. Forests around the ravines present a unique scenery in every season.
  The scenic spot of Sinphyong Kumgang has more than 70 noted places such as the Jinju Falls resembling a cascade of beautiful pearls, the Noun Falls like a silver string hanging from the sky, the Chonyo Pond, the Tanphung Pond, the Okryu Pond and other big and small ponds, and different queer rocks including the Pom (Tiger) Rock, the Phado (Wave) Rock and the Chottae (Candle) Rock.
  All these are in good harmony, adding beauty to the exquisite ravine scene of Sinphyong Kumgang.
  A ravine has waterfalls, ponds and queer rocks in fine harmony and a ravine is impressive for various contrastive waterfalls.
  Many people enjoy themselves in the scenic spot of Sinphyong Kumgang with wonderful resting places and service facilities.