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Question: About Gymnastic Movements Named after Koreans
  In April the "Voice of Korea" presented a question on finding new structures built in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over the past 10-odd years.
  Many audience sent us their answers by e-mail.
  Mario Aulhorn and Michael Lindner of Germany, Guido Panebianco of Italy and others said it wasn't easy to find an answer to the question but it was really interesting.
  Dear audience,
  Sending friendly greetings to you taking an active part in the quiz show, we're going to present a new question.
  Gymnasts of the DPRK have performed wonderful technical movements at a number of international games over the past decades, recording gymnastic movements named after Koreans in the world history of gymnastics.
  Please guess more than five typical gymnastic movements named after Koreans.
  We're looking forward to good news from you. Thank you.