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A Day for the Children
  The whole country becomes bright when the children are happy. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is devoting everything to their bright smile.
  Many hours and days spent for the children were recorded in the history of his revolutionary leadership.
  May 2, Juche 103(2014) was one of those days.

  That day, Kim Jong Un attended the inaugural ceremony of the rebuilt Songdowon International Children's Camp and congratulated the campers.
  After the inaugural ceremony, the finals of the National Juvenile Football Tournament were held at the camp in his presence.
  Kim Jong Un watched the football match of children boasting of their skills with an air of satisfaction. When the players got goals, he gave a big hand to them and when the match was over, he had a photo taken with the juvenile footballers.


  That day, he also appreciated a performance given by a famous band at the International Friendship Children's Hall in the camp together with the children.

  Time passed fairly and darkness set in, but he watched spectacular fireworks together with the children.

  Like this, Kim Jong Un stayed with the children all day, wishing them a happy future.