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Precious Fruition
  The members of the Korean Children's Union are valuable treasures and represent hope and future in the socialist system of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Under the loving care of the socialist system, they grow up stoutly as pillars to shoulder the future of the country.
  Praiseworthy Children's Union members are found at the Sohung Primary School in Moranbong District of the capital Pyongyang.
  Third-year pupil Choe Song Jo is regarded as a pride of the school for her outstanding literary attainments.


  She kept a diary from her childhood. After admission into the primary school, she grew to be a girl of literary interests under the guidance of her teacher.
  This year she wrote a poem representing the warm love of the Workers' Party of Korea that spares nothing for the Children's Union members and defends their happiness and bright future to the end, and presented it to the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un.
  Ri So Ye joined the Korean Children's Union this year. She takes the lead in the do-good-thing movement and exalts the honour of the Children's Union member as a model pupil respecting the teachers and elders and loving her schoolmates.

  Jon Wi Gwang is the greatest pride of the school. He was honoured to meet Kim Jong Un in the celebrations of the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK.

  He has an unusually good memory. Once he begins to solve a mathematical problem, he never gives up until he finds the correct answer, pertinently applying what he learned in lessons. And he does his homework without fail.
  Many prides of Children's Union members are a precious fruition brought by the grateful socialist system of Korea.