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Delegates of the Children's Union
  A grand meeting of the Korean Children's Union is held in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on a regular basis.
  The respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un regards the Children's Union members as treasures that cannot be compared with fabulous wealth and as the whole of hope and future. He ensured that the founding anniversary of the Korean Children's Union was celebrated as a national holiday every year and participated in the meeting to brightly illuminate the road for the Union.
  It represents his trust and expectation hoping that the Children's Union members would grow into the reliable pillars of the socialist motherland to be prosperous.
  The delegates to the meeting of the Children's Union are the sons and daughters of ordinary workers, farmers and service personnel and students who are exemplary in their study and organizational life.

(Photographed in 2012, 2013 and 2017)

  School Inspector Kang Su Yon at the Central District People's Committee says:
  "No matter how gorgeous it may be today, a country or a nation without future is really hopeless, I think. In our country, however, the Children's Union members are growing up happily and vivaciously under the loving care of the Workers' Party of Korea. That is why our people are convinced of the bright future of the country in the delegates of the Children's Union with red ties around their necks."

  The people across the country are optimistic about the rosy future of the country in the bright and cheerful delegates of the Children's Union.
  The future of the country belongs to the members of the Korean Children's Union and their daring spirit and cheerful faces represent the future of socialist Korea, our powerful country.