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Happiness of the Families, Bright Laugh of the Children
  A song of happiness is resounding in Songhwa Street of the capital Pyongyang on the New Year's Day.
  The Korean people sing the song "Let's Love Our Country" from the bottom of their hearts, reflecting their infinite thanks to and warm love for the motherland.
  The love for the socialist motherland permeating every line of the song is the warm and ardent ideological feeling of the people in this country. Then, why do the Korean people love their motherland so much?
  In April last year, people moved into new flats in Songhwa Street which was wonderfully built as part of the work to realize the long-cherished desire of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  Here is Hwangbo Yon Suk living in People's Neighbourhood Unit No. 18, Songsin-dong No. 1 of Sadong District.
  "I lived in a small house with many family members for over 10 years. So, my desire was to live in a big house. It was realized last year when I, an ordinary worker, and my family received a big modern flat given by the state free of charge. Today I have greeted the hopeful New Year with pleasure in the new flat, the cradle of happiness given by the socialist motherland."
  The wonderful houses given to the ordinary working people gratis represent the love and benefits only for the Korean people living in the grateful socialist system.
  Socialist Korea regards the people as the most precious beings in the world and the promotion of the people's well-being as the most important task.

  In her embrace, all families across the country will lead a happy life, the children grow up merrily and the song in praise of the motherland resound far and wide in the New Year, too.