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Promise Made in the New Year
  The hopeful New Year Juche 112(2023) has come.

Apartment Houses for Educators of Kim Il Sung University

  The family of teacher Maeng Thae Won, Section Chief of the Faculty of Chemistry of Kim Il Sung University, was visited by a number of his disciples.
  Those who came first on the morning of the New Year's Day were Kim Chol Ung and Han Un Chol.
  They greeted him, saying: "A Happy New Year!" "I wish you a greater success in your work in the New Year, too."
  Many years have passed since they graduated from the university. Though they grew to be respectable officials, they would call on him who had taught them in their university days every year.
  They proudly told him about the achievements they made last year, representing their respect for him who brought them up. The teacher looked at his disciples with an air of satisfaction, his face beaming with a pride of educator.
  Some time later, several students including Jang Kum Sun, Choe Jong Gum, Sok Song Rip and Choe Yong Bom came into the room and offered their New Year greetings to the teachers, presenting them with fragrant bouquets.

  "I wish you good health in the New Year."
  "I'd like to learn a lot from you this year, too."
  Teacher Maeng Thae Won welcomed them, calling their names one by one as in those days when he called the roll before teaching. He made a promise with his disciples to achieve greater successes in education and scientific research in the New Year, too.
  The students said to themselves that they would set an example in their study and life and thus live up to the expectation and trust of their teacher.
  Professor and Doctor Maeng Thae Won says:
  "Probably, our New Year seems to begin with promise.
  Such promise can be found in the greetings with the disciples who have come to see me and in the New Year's cards or the messages sent by mobile phones."
  The promise made between the teacher and his disciples on the morning of the New Year's Day represented the inmost resolve of the educators to train a greater number of talents who can play a big role in building a powerful and prosperous country and the determination of the new generations to grow into the reliable pillars of the country.