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Brilliant Feats of Young People
  The idea of attaching importance to the young people of the great leader Kim Il Sung, the pioneer of the Korean youth movement, was carried on by the great leader Kim Jong Il.
  Kim Jong Il advanced the slogan "Love the Youth!" and brought up the Korean young people as the performers of miracles and feats.
  Looking back upon what happened in Juche 88(1999) more than 20 years ago, Han Myong Guk, Vice-Chairman of the Taesong District Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League in Pyongyang City, said:
  "I still remember what was said by the great leader Kim Jong Il.
  At that time he earnestly said: Some officials propose building my bronze statue, but I am going to build a good monument to the youth. I have to make a revolution together with the young people. So I am going to do everything for them at any cost.
  All of us burst into tears when we knew the fact after his demise, 13 years after his instructions."
  Really special were Kim Jong Il's love for and trust in the young people.
  When he was told about the feats performed by young people, Kim Jong Il was pleased more than anybody else and saw that monumental creations were named after "youth".
  We can take the Youth Hero Motorway completed in 2000 as an example.
  In Juche 87(1998) when the country was undergoing hardships and trials unprecedented in history, Kim Jong Il gave young people a huge task of building a road in the 40-kilometre-long section between Pyongyang and Nampho.
  In order to live up to his deep trust, young people carried out more than 14 million cubic metres of filling, built many bridges and structures and paved roads in the area of millions of square metres, thus completing the motorway with success in 700 days.
  Kim Jong Il highly appreciated their feats and named the motorway the Youth Hero Motorway.
  Afterwards, whenever opportunities permitted, he said over again: The people should not see the Youth Hero Motorway casually. The motorway is permeated with the precious blood and sweat of the young people who worked for the happiness of the people. The country and people will never forget the feats of the young builders.
  Attending a meeting of the youth league with such great trust and expectation, he awarded the flag of the youth league to the participants. He also gave the torch of revolution to the young people.

  Under his leadership the Korean young people could write a brilliant history of the Korean youth movement as heroes and heroines of the times.