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Pioneer of the Korean Youth Movement
  Korea was under the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists in the early 20th century.
  The great leader Kim Il Sung set out on the road of revolution to save the destiny of the country and nation and directed primary efforts to rallying young people of the new generation.

  He formed the Young Communist League of Korea on August 28, Juche 16(1927), opening the road of new development of the Korean youth movement.
  The Young Communist League of Korea was the vanguard of the Korean young people that guided the youth organizations and mass organizations of all sections.
  Afterwards, Kim Il Sung declared a total confrontation with the Japanese imperialists, founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army and led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory.
  Most of the anti-Japanese fighters led by Kim Il Sung were young people. They respected him as the great sun of Korea and made a great contribution to accomplishing the historic cause of national liberation with the firm faith that they would surely win under his leadership.
  After Korea was liberated in 1945, Kim Il Sung paid special concern to the youth problem.
  In October that year, he founded the Democratic Youth League, a mass organization of young people, and presented the line of rallying broad sections of patriotic young people.
  He advanced the slogan "Patriotic youths, unite under the banner of democracy!" and brightly indicated the road ahead of the youth movement as the Honorary Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Forming the Democratic Youth League.
  On January 17, Juche 35(1946) the founding of the Democratic Youth League of North Korea was proclaimed all over the world in Pyongyang.
  As the Democratic Youth League was founded, the Korean young people could shoulder the building of a new country in firm unity, full of youthful vigour and energy.
  Shining in the annals of history are the feats of the young people who covered the proud course of the Korean youth movement under the leadership of Kim Il Sung.
  The Korean young people sacrificed their lives without hesitation for the country and people during the Fatherland Liberation War in the 1950s, fully displayed their stamina at the head of the postwar rehabilitation and construction and performed miracles and feats in the socialist construction.

  Indeed, the initial period of the Korean revolution is linked with the start of the youth movement and the period of upsurge of the Korean revolution has always accorded with the heyday of the youth movement.