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Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un enjoys sports games held to commemorate holiday in February
  Sports games between officials of the Cabinet and the Ministry of National Defence took place on February 17 in commemoration of the Day of the Shining Star, the greatest holiday of the nation, when the great leader Kim Jong Il was born.
  They were enjoyed by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  They were also watched by Kim Tok Hun and Jo Yong Won, Members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, secretaries and other senior officials of the Party Central Committee, staff members of the Cabinet and officials of the ministries and national agencies.
  Enjoying together with them were Kang Sun Nam and other commanding personnel and officers and men of the Ministry of National Defence and teaching staff and students of the military educational units.
  First, there was a football match between officials of the Cabinet and the Ministry of National Defence.
  The match was close all the time and the Ministry of National Defence Team kicked a goal first in the first half of the match.
  During the recess, model plane operators of the Pyongyang Air Club operated different model planes to show flight demanding difficult skills.
  In the second half the Cabinet Team got an opportunity of penalty kick around 55 minutes of the match and succeeded in shooting. As a result, the score of the two teams was 1 to 1. The seesaw battle of both teams was more heated.
  The Ministry of National Defence Team won the Cabinet Team 3 to 1.
  The Ministry of National Defence Team also defeated the Cabinet Team 2 to 0 in the tug of war as well.
  When the match was over, stormy cheers were raised again and the officials of the Cabinet and the Ministry of National Defence expressed their boundless thanks to Kim Jong Un who enabled them to hold the significant sports and cultural events on the occasion of the auspicious holiday in February.
  All the participants made a firm resolve to keep the moment when they commemorated the significant spring holiday in February in the presence of Kim Jong Un and his beloved daughter and make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people in high spirits, and devote all their wisdom and passion to the struggle for making this year a year of great turn and change which will be greatly recorded in the course of development of the DPRK.